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Purchasing a New Travel Trailer

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Purchasing a New Travel Trailer
One of the most fun, yet hardest decisions a family can make is “Which trailer will best suit all of our needs and wants?”
We spend a great deal of time and energy helping families achieve this. And they end up choosing to purchase a travel trailer that seems to be custom built just for them!
As an RV sales team, we have been trained to get to know you as an individual, a couple or an entire family. It’s not just about making a quick sale and moving on to the next. It’s about taking the time to ensure that you get everything that you want and need in your purchase. We want you to have years of comfort and please when you’re camping and it’s up to us, as professionals, to help narrow down the choices of units so when you’re ready to have us draw up your Bill of Sale…it’s for the RV of your dreams!
We can all be impressed with the beautiful décor and finishes of new travel trailers. Wall mount fireplaces, comfortable seating, the trendy floor coverings and the list goes on. But do those things actually make your camping trip more functional?
I’ll give you a second to think about that…
There are so many things to consider, that this part of the process can be overwhelming. And that’s where WE can help you!
So rather than let you just run willy nilly around our lot and pop in and out of all the units that will likely NOT be right for your family, we start asking questions immediately, so we can start to narrow down the choices for 2 reasons. We don’t want you to get confused because you looked through 27 trailers and now you can’t remember which units you thought might be good for your family and which ones wouldn’t. Secondly, it seems as though everyone leads very busy lives and for this reason, people tend to do their on-line homework before they ever venture out to the RV dealership lots. Knowing this, we don’t want to waste your time by showing you 5 units that would be a totally wrong fit for your family.
So to create a list of your needs and wants, is the best way to start the RV shopping experience on the right foot!
Here’s a starting point for you…

  1. How many people in you family will you be camping with regularly?
  2. If you have children, how many and how old are they?
  3. How much storage can you imaging yourself needing? Accessible from the inside or outside?
  4. Do you have pets that will be camping with you?
  5. What will you be towing the trailer with?
  6. Will you be travelling all over or taking it to a seasonal park and leaving it there?
  7. How much of your time will you be spending outside? Cooking, eating, etc?
  8. Do you have large toys (bikes, kayaks, dirt bikes, quads, etc) that you will be taking with you?
  9. Are you first timers or is this an upgrade for your family?
  10. Do you have a budget that you want to stick to? Will you be financing the unit?

These are just a few questions that a seasoned RV sales person will ask you, (and it’s not because they’re nosey). They want to make sure that you’re going to purchase the RV of your dreams and have years of great camping and wonderful memories!

Here at Pierson Motors INC, we offer top quality advice and guidance to campers of all experience levels and strive to making your RV purchase as pleasurable as it's supposed to be.